project 1

Yoga Glyphs

Identity, Website Design and eCommerce

In the highly competitive world of athletic fashion, we strategically positioned Yoga Glyphs as the down to Earth brand that appeals to the lifestyle of their customer.

We designed their website to focus on visual representations and a customer experience that converts passion into purchase.

project 2

Pfadt Racing

Building a robust ecommerce website was critical to Pfadt Race Engineering’s growth plan. Our strategic direction focused on creating a responsive website and an efficient user experience which helped customers not only learn about the product but easily find the right product for their car. We assisted with content generation and a social media campaign to launch the new website.

project 3

Thirty-four North

When we met 34 North they were struggling to simplify their multifaceted search needs in a way that provided a robust and powerful shopping experience without being cumbersome, as well as integrating their physical orders with their virtual ones.

After mapping out the many unique ways a customer approaches wine buying, our elegant menu structure easily guided visitors through the store and to the shopping cart.

project 4

Patio Moderno

Patio Moderno came to us very early in their life cycle to direct the vision and marketing plan implementation for their new furniture brand. We developed a very exciting marketing campaign that included a new e-commerce website launch, publicity events, printed marketing materials and an online advertising campaign.

project 5

Gasch Design

Our goal with Gasch Design was to build a website that highlights the artistic beauty they bring to high end home design and custom tile work. Much of their business is the result of word-of-mouth, but Gasch wanted to bolster their marketing reach by launching an elegant website that let potential clients see for themselves the beautiful results.

project 6

American Synthetic Oil

Our creative plan for Amsoil was focused on building a clean, functional website that appealed to the company’s wide range of customers. By strategizing about the buying patterns of the customer, we featured photography on the home page that immediately appeals to the visitor and draws them in to the site.

CA Sport Race Team

CA Sport

CA Sport is one of our most dynamic clients, employing our services for website design, video creation, event hosting, printed marketing materials, online marketing and hospitality. From managing track-side parties to keeping their social media up to date, our marketing strategy matches their fast pace and busy event schedule.

project 8

Artisan Remodeling

Combining a website design, social media campaign and a paid advertising campaign have boosted the local search results for Artisan Remodeling.

Our marketing strategy is targeted at using their website to highlight the client’s beautiful home renovations while raising their exposure to online customers.

project 9

Designer Landscaping

To attract the high end client that Designer Landscaping caters to, we suggested an elegant home page that uses both visual cues and content driven information to compel visitors to contact the company.

To convert visitors into clients we combined an online advertising campaign with strong placement of contact information and email forms. As an additional piece of our marketing strategy we focus on building a strong local SEO presence.

project 10

Granite City

Since most consumers research home remodeling materials online but buy in person, we positioned Granite City's website to deliver customer form submissions.

By designing each page to make it easy to request more information, and through the use of frequent and compelling home page updates, we enticed the customer to take action. The form submissions allowed the sales staff to personally contact the customer, providing a much higher rate of closing the sale.

project 11


One of Utah’s largest solar panel companies engaged our services to create and launch their new website. In an exciting and technology driven industry, SolarTek’s website was designed to be educational as well as streamined to convert visitors into customers.

With local search results a high priority we optimized both content and linking strategies to maximize their online exposure.

project 12

Ford Focus

When The Ford Motor Company launched the new Ford Focus, they appealed to their young demographic with an experiential and social media driven campaign. To draw in these young customers our work included a hip video created to add interest and excitement to the launch. Including animation work, illustration and video production our video capabilities shine.

project 13

Epic Love Story

project 14

Patio Moderno

project 15

Gasch Design

project 16

Thirty-four North
Wine Merchant

project 17

Flare Consulting

project 18

Showalter Group

project 19

370Z for aFe

project 20

370Z CA Sport IMSA

2014 Livery design for CA Sport's 370Z NISSAN GS car competing in the IMSA series.

project 21

370Z CA Sport IMSA

2014 Livery design for CA Sport's 370Z NISSAN GS car competing in the IMSA series.

project 22

Beauty 360 Flash Presentation

This Flash animation was created to promote the launch of CVS Pharmacy's high-end cosmetic stores in California.
click here to view the video.

project 21

Political Action Brochure

This is a collateral brochure that coordinates with the groups brand and logo.