Event Creation

We can help your company look polished and professional in front of customers or stake holders by creating your own private corporate event. We discuss the event in terms of your audience, goals, and budget and brainstorm unique and entertaining event ideas that will help you promote your business and make sure your guests have a great time.

Once we have the event concept, leave the details to us. We can design invitations and promotional material, handle RSVPs, book the venue and services, and make sure all of the details are handled. You get to focus on your guests and the business at hand.

Strategic Direction

The most important cornerstone of any corporate event is to create a customer experience that expresses the benefits of your product and builds brand loyalty. From determining the type of event that’s right for you to designing the supporting advertising materials, Vistral can guide you through this process. We discuss not only the message, but the event location, the interactive activities, and the promotional items.

The successful execution of your promotional event is driven by the creative direction of your campaign. We help harness your ideas to create an overall strategy and a successful event.


If you need a hand making sure your guests have a good time while at an off-site event, trade show or race, we can help. We have years of experience making even the most difficult environments comfortable for corporate clients. Your guests will be treated to creature comforts that make their experience memorable which makes your company look amazing. We can discuss the details of your event and how best to accommodate your guests, including simple branded comforts like putting your logo on bottled water.

A well planned hospitality event builds your relationships with customers and offers the perfect setting to build your brand.

Facility selection and coordination

If you have the perfect plan for your next corporate event, but don’t know the best place to host it, let us help. It’s a lot of work to plan all the details of an event and we can take some of that burden off your to-do list.

Let us coordinate the facility selection by working with our industry contacts and negotiating the perfect combination of services and location.

Publicity and media partnerships

When it’s time to make a big advertising splash, publicity and media partnerships are the way to go. If you’re launching a new product and want to tell the world, reaching out to the media is a powerful marketing tool. We typically use publicity and media events in coordination with a comprehensive marketing plan to launch exciting news and kick off a social media campaign or boost traffic to your website.

Event logistics and production

It’s no easy task to have all the right people in all the right places at a corporate event. From airport transportation to food delivery, all the details have to come together so your corporate guests have a great experience.

We have a lot of experience coordinating events both large and small. Our comprehensive services give you piece of mind that your event will go as planned.

On-site management

We strive to deliver the absolute best event services possible so your guests leave with great memories of their experience with your company. To achieve these high standards, we have staff on hand, discreetly keeping all of the services on schedule and all of your guests happy. Great events don’t happen by accident, and we’re there to deliver.