Vistral Creative: Client Case Study


In the highly competitive world of athletic fashion, we positioned Yoga Glyphs as the down to earth brand that appeals to the lifestyle of their customer. We designed their website to focus on visual representations and a customer experience that converted their passion into purchase.

34 North Wine Merchant

When we met Thirty Four North they were struggling to simplify their multifaceted search needs in a way that provided a robust and powerful shopping experience without being cumbersome, as well as integrating their physical orders with their virtual ones.  After mapping out the many unique ways a customer approaches wine buying, our elegant menu structure easily guided visitors through the store and to the shopping cart.

Granite City

Since most consumers research home remodeling materials online but buy in person, we positioned Granite City's website to deliver customer form submissions. By designing each page to make it easy to request more information, and through the use of frequent and compelling home page updates, we enticed the customer to take action. The form submissions allowed the sales staff to personally contact the customer, providing a much higher rate of closing the sale.

Vistral Recommends BigCommerce for Hosted eCommerce Sites

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BigCommerce Examples

Chuck Levins

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US Tactical

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Northern Reflections

Large volume, custom search and menus

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