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Optimizing Businesses for Mobile

It’s no surprise that mobile internet usage finally surpassed desktop usage. This trend is growing rapidly and businesses need to be well positioned to reach the mobile user. According to Google’s “I-Want-Go” report, ‘near me’ searches are growing rapidly with 80% of these searches coming from mobile devices in the fourth quarter of 2014. Since… Read more »

Instagram Offers Advertisers Clickable Ads

Instagram recently changed their advertising program by now letting advertisers run clickable ads. Historically Instagram was very protective of their content and the flow of the site, restricting the ability for any content to click to off-site URLs. These changes are a fantastic opportunity for advertisers, and with the right carousel set you can effectively… Read more »

Google’s Push Toward Mobile Friendly Websites

It’s been all over the news this week that Google has finally launched its new algorithm which rewards websites that are mobile friendly. Often referred to as “responsive design,” mobile friendly websites make it easier for those surfing the web on a mobile device by scaling the page properly for a smaller screen. Other than… Read more »

Generate Great Ideas for Your Next Marketing Campaign

When your company decides its time to launch a new marketing campaign the creative process can seem very daunting.  Most professionals and business owners have a specific skill set related to the daily activities of running the business, but not necessarily the skills to dream up the perfect marketing campaign to capture the hearts and… Read more »

Why Google+ is Important to Local Businesses

We think Google+ Local is one of the most underutilized platforms by small businesses for their online marketing.  When set up correctly, it links your website to your YouTube channel to your Google+ account.  Why is this significant? Let’s start at the beginning.  With Google’s ever changing search result algorithm, it can be difficult to… Read more »

Congratulations To Our Client CA Sport!

Not many people know about a 25 Hour endurance automobile race in Willows, CA. But for those who do there’s almost a cult-like following. Our client CA Sport is one of that small group. Specializing in building race cars and running a race team, this Salt Lake City motorsports powerhouse accomplished quite a lot at… Read more »

Content Strategy for New Websites

Designing a new website is both exciting and daunting. There are a lot of important considerations including the look of the site, the navigation experience, and the website content strategy.  One of the most difficult areas to tackle is the content because you and your team are the ones who know it best.  A good… Read more »

Combine SEO and PPC Campaigns

Making the choice between allocating your marketing budget between SEO and Paid Ads can be a difficult decision.  On one hand, having your site optimized for organic search results from Google is a good long term strategy, but on the other hand you need to get immediate interest in your site today.  At Vistral, we… Read more »

Holiday E-Commerce Sales Calendar

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the holidays and need a hand getting your online store in shape for a banner sales season, we’ve got a great tool for you.  Use this e-commerce campaign guide and your online store will be in great shape for the busy holiday sales season. Armed with this guide you… Read more »

Creativity and Imagination in Marketing

We always have our eyes peeled for new and innovative ideas in marketing, and one of the best places to follow the industry is the annual CLIO Awards.  The CLIO’s are one of the most recognized competitions for advertising, design and digital communications.  The competitors exhibit creativity, imagination, and a fantastic understanding of the customer…. Read more »

  • Need help choosing an SEO consultant?

    Finding the best marketing firm to meet your needs requires doing your homework. Perhaps you need a marketing firm focused on small business or one that provides SEO services and graphic design. If you’ve narrowed in on the fact that its SEO work you need help with, there are some very good questions to ask… Read more »

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