Optimizing Businesses for Mobile

It’s no surprise that mobile internet usage finally surpassed desktop usage. This trend is growing rapidly and businesses need to be well positioned to reach the mobile user.

mobile vs destop graph

According to Google’s “I-Want-Go” report, ‘near me’ searches are growing rapidly with 80% of these searches coming from mobile devices in the fourth quarter of 2014. Since there’s a lot less real estate on a mobile screen, every piece of information is critical and must motivate the visitor to take action. If it’s difficult to fill in the form, or if they must constantly scroll and pinch the screen, you’re likely to loose them.

On a very practical level, one of the most important components to a well designed mobile landing page is to have properly sized photos that scale and text that is large and easy to read. It sounds simple enough, but often overlooked. You don’t have a lot of time to capture the attention of a mobile visitor and the easier you make it for them to understand what your company does the more likely you’ll win their business.

Another important strategy to keep in mind is that for many types of purchases the research may be done on a mobile device, but the final purchase is often completed on a desktop. If your landing page is well designed and provides an easy, fluid experience, the email waiting in their inbox will be more likely to convert into a sale. Creating a compelling mobile landing page is the first step, and when combined with strong follow-up emails you’ll keep their attention and be more likely to get the sale.

Building strong mobile landing pages and tracking conversion rates are two very practical and important steps towards competing and succeeding in the mobile search space. With a strong strategy in place you can beat the competition and take advantage of reaching your customers where and when they are looking for you.

image source: hdimagegallery.net

Written by Robbin Sowinski

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