Instagram Offers Advertisers Clickable Ads

Instagram recently changed their advertising program by now letting advertisers run clickable ads. Historically Instagram was very protective of their content and the flow of the site, restricting the ability for any content to click to off-site URLs. These changes are a fantastic opportunity for advertisers, and with the right carousel set you can effectively gain traction with an Instagram ad campaign. Here are a few highlights of the new program:

1. Ads are now a lot more powerful. While Instagram has been adding ad capability and even video ads in recent years, the introduction of ads that click through to an advertiser’s URL is a huge change. It opens the door to advertisers more interested in immediate ROI and sales rather than large companies looking for broad branding activities.

2. You have to tell a story. Unlike some online advertising, the Instagram model uses a carousel of photos in a story-telling sequence. The images should be branded and will lead to a “Learn More” button that opens an internal window with additional information. At this point the user is still on Instagram so the flow isn’t broken, but with one more click the user will now be taken to the advertiser’s site.

3. You can track ROI. With the new advertising format, advertisers not only know when their photo was viewed or liked, but also if they clicked through the photo carousel and ultimately through to their site.

Creating an enticing carousel to tell your story, engage the viewer in your product and ultimately result in a sale is an exciting opportunity. With some creativity and data tracking, Instagram offers a great new way to target and convert new customers. Start thinking about the story you want to tell and the images you want to use. You’ll be on your way to a great Instagram ad campaign.

Written by Robbin Sowinski

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