Holiday E-Commerce Sales Calendar

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the holidays and need a hand getting your online store in shape for a banner sales season, we’ve got a great tool for you.  Use this e-commerce campaign guide and your online store will be in great shape for the busy holiday sales season.


Armed with this guide you can put together your marketing plan in advance so you don’t need to think about it later – you’ll just need to execute the to-do list.  It is always critical to let your customers know what’s in store for Black Friday so they include your products in their holiday spending plans.  Gift Guides and social contests are an inexpensive and effective way to grab the attention of your customers and get them thinking about your products.  Everyone is busy and the more they see your company name the more likely they are to remember you on their holiday shopping lists.

We’ve had great results helping clients prepare email an campaign – complete with creative graphics and a clear message – to drive visitors to the online store.  A little planning up front to outline your message helps set your company apart from the competition.  The holidays are coming and you can make this year the best season ever.

Graphic:  Courtesy of Big Commerce

Written by Robbin Sowinski

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