Google’s Push Toward Mobile Friendly Websites

It’s been all over the news this week that Google has finally launched its new algorithm which rewards websites that are mobile friendly. Often referred to as “responsive design,” mobile friendly websites make it easier for those surfing the web on a mobile device by scaling the page properly for a smaller screen.

Other than avoiding a penalty in search results, why is it important to have a mobile friendly site? According to industry estimates, between 40% – 50% of all traffic is on a mobile device, and that percentage grows every year. To be competitive and accessible to customers, it’s imperative that older sites be updated to meet the new mobile requirements.

An easy way to check if your site is responsive is this handy tool provided by Google:

Simply type in your company’s URL and Google will let you know if your site is mobile friendly as well as offer some suggestions for correcting the biggest issues. Typically the text will appear too small on the mobile device, the content (photography) does not display properly on the screen and the links are too close together. All of these issues combined make it very difficult for the user to read the site. Google has spoken – is your site up to the challenge?

Written by Robbin Sowinski

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