Content Strategy for New Websites

Designing a new website is both exciting and daunting. There are a lot of important considerations including the look of the site, the navigation experience, and the website content strategy.  One of the most difficult areas to tackle is the content because you and your team are the ones who know it best.  A good design and marketing consultant can help walk you through prioritizing the process, but at the end of the day you’ll be highly involved in what content actually goes on the site.

So where do you begin in developing your content strategy?

We always begin with defining the goals of your site.  What do you want to accomplish with your website? Starting with this question leads to a great discussion that hits on your message as a company, the user experience, and finally the desired action you’d like the visitor to take.  Are you trying to lead the customer to an item in your store, or trying to get them to a page of important content?  How many clicks does it take them to reach the desired page?  We work to optimize this process so that the visitor sees the right information at the right time.

Another effective tool for developing the content for your new site is to look at the content you currently have online.  Are there certain pages that have a high conversion rate?  If so, lets use that strategy in the new site. Taking advantage of the data you have and content that’s working well gives your new site a head start.

Create a wish list of information you want to tell the world.  Your website is your opportunity to tell potential customers everything they need to know -and to show them why your company deserves their business. By prioritizing this list we can help you create concise and compelling content so your new site will be on point.  Through careful analytics tracking we can confirm which content is effective and continually improve conversions.

By working together with your agency and providing information on what’s currently working (and what’s not) as well as a clear idea of the site goals, the process of developing an effective content strategy will be smooth sailing.

Written by Robbin Sowinski

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