Combine SEO and PPC Campaigns

Making the choice between allocating your marketing budget between SEO and Paid Ads can be a difficult decision.  On one hand, having your site optimized for organic search results from Google is a good long term strategy, but on the other hand you need to get immediate interest in your site today.  At Vistral, we have found that a combination of both strategies builds a strong marketing platform and can position your company for success.

The good news is that running both SEO and Paid Ads together actually takes advantage of a lot of the initial hard work required to set up either program individually.  For example, when we embark on an SEO campaign we must understand what your products and services are, why they are better than the competition, and how your customers are finding them.  This intense dive into your business results not only in a list of keywords, but also an understanding of the buying pattern of the customer.  We need this very same information to initiate an effective Paid Ad campaign.

The overlap continues as both programs develop.  An important factor in converting a visit from a Paid Ad is that the visitor has landed on a highly compelling landing page.  They must immediately find the information they’re looking for and be compelled to either put the item in the shopping cart or pick up the phone for more information.  This highly compelling landing page must be designed and coded with SEO best practices.  Pages that are converting Paid Ad visitors into customers are great pages. Use that data on more pages on the site, and your search results will grow.  And so will your business.

Written by Robbin Sowinski

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