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Optimizing Businesses for Mobile

It’s no surprise that mobile internet usage finally surpassed desktop usage. This trend is growing rapidly and businesses need to be well positioned to reach the mobile user. According to Google’s “I-Want-Go” report, ‘near me’ searches are growing rapidly with 80% of these searches coming from mobile devices in the fourth quarter of 2014. Since… Read more »

Instagram Offers Advertisers Clickable Ads

Instagram recently changed their advertising program by now letting advertisers run clickable ads. Historically Instagram was very protective of their content and the flow of the site, restricting the ability for any content to click to off-site URLs. These changes are a fantastic opportunity for advertisers, and with the right carousel set you can effectively… Read more »

Generate Great Ideas for Your Next Marketing Campaign

When your company decides its time to launch a new marketing campaign the creative process can seem very daunting.  Most professionals and business owners have a specific skill set related to the daily activities of running the business, but not necessarily the skills to dream up the perfect marketing campaign to capture the hearts and… Read more »

Creativity and Imagination in Marketing

We always have our eyes peeled for new and innovative ideas in marketing, and one of the best places to follow the industry is the annual CLIO Awards.  The CLIO’s are one of the most recognized competitions for advertising, design and digital communications.  The competitors exhibit creativity, imagination, and a fantastic understanding of the customer…. Read more »