Monthly Archives: October 30, 2014

Holiday E-Commerce Sales Calendar

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the holidays and need a hand getting your online store in shape for a banner sales season, we’ve got a great tool for you.  Use this e-commerce campaign guide and your online store will be in great shape for the busy holiday sales season. Armed with this guide you… Read more »

Creativity and Imagination in Marketing

We always have our eyes peeled for new and innovative ideas in marketing, and one of the best places to follow the industry is the annual CLIO Awards.  The CLIO’s are one of the most recognized competitions for advertising, design and digital communications.  The competitors exhibit creativity, imagination, and a fantastic understanding of the customer…. Read more »

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Need help choosing an SEO consultant?

Finding the best marketing firm to meet your needs requires doing your homework. Perhaps you need a marketing firm focused on small business or one that provides SEO services and graphic design. If you’ve narrowed in on the fact that its SEO work you need help with, there are some very good questions to ask… Read more »